Monday, June 23, 2014

When The Foxconn In Indonesia ?

When The Foxconn In Indonesia ?
Cell phone manufacturers components (phone) from Taiwan, Foxconn has yet to realize their investment in Indonesia. Even Industry Minister MS Hidayat  do not know the latest developments of the investment plan reportedly will generate BlackBerry (BB) in Jakarta.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dow Jones Print Record Thanks To IBM

Dow Jones Print Record Thanks To IBM
New York City - Wall Street stock market closed positive at the weekend. The Dow Jones index print record highs thanks to IBM's stock gain.

Consumer stocks also enliven the market, as shares of Gap Inc. rose 3.3% to as low as United States $ 40,52 on the sheet after reporting April sales that surpassed the expectations of the market.

Even technology stocks so burden for Uncle Sam's campaign. Shares of Apple Inc. after the acquisition plan report beats electronics valued at United States $ 3.2 billion (32 billion dollars). The value of this acquisition to mind too expensive to market participants.

Some analysts estimate the valuation of companies Beat only amounted to 1 billion dollars in the United States, according to calculations by September last year. Shares of Apple fell to United States $ 585,54 on the worksheet.

Trading is very quiet with only 5.7 billion traded on the trading floor, is still below average for daily operations such as 6.2 billion.

Close trade Friday local time strengthened 32.37 points (0.2 percent) for as low as 16.583, 34, S P 500 index & was increased 2.85 points (0.15 percent) to a level, 1,878, 48, and the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 20,374 points (0.5%) to 4.071, 869 level.

This week, Dow Jones index 0.4%, while the S P 500 index & thinner 0.1% and Nasdaq Composite Index fell 1.3%. NASDAQ correction – the deepest last month.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Schedule of World Cup 2014 Brazil

Schedule of World Cup 2014 Brazil
HERE'S the schedule of the World Cup 2014 Brazil – group phase, 16 large, big 8, quarter finals, semi finals and final.

Schedule of matches of FIFA World Cup 2014 20th announced earlier in Zurich on 20 October 2011. There are 64 matches that will be competed, scattered in 12 cities.

Sao Paulo has become a respectable opening action takes place, the Opening Match, on 12 June 2014. While Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the location for the deciding final of soccer's most prestigious tournament in the world.

Who will be the 2014 World Cup champions? Read for the prediction of the winner in Brazil here.

Thirty two (32) national team has qualified among others

Conmebol: Brazil (host), Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Cameroon.
AFC: Australia, Japanes, Iran, South Korea
Concacaf: USA, CostaRicha, Mexico, and Honduras
(CAF): Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Algeria and Uruguay.
Europe (UEFA): Belanda, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Bosnia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece
The team entered the final round of the 2010 WORLD CUP, but failed this year was North Korea, South Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Final determination of drawing pots and schedule the group phase matches will be held at Costa do Sauípe Resort, Mata de São João in Bahia on 6 December 2013, around 23: 00 pm.

Thirty-two national team will be divided into four pots. For pot 1 consists of host Brazil and seven best national team according to FIFA rankings last October. Seven countries including Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Belgium and Switzerland. While the other pot was determined based on geography and other criteria.

DOWNLOAD Schedule of World Cup 2014 Brazil in Here

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Hotspot occurring in Bengkalis

New Hotspot occurring in Bengkalis
Bantan - long dry season punctuated behavior of unscrupulous people who like to burn the land , making a number of new hotspots continue to emerge in the last two days in the district and Bukitbatu Bantan Bengkalis . Fire suppression in both locations are still handled karhutla Disaster Management Agency and Fire ( BPBDs - Tackling ) Bengkalis .

Tackling head - Bengkalis BPBDs Mohammed Jalal confirmed Monday ( 03/24/2014 ) confirmed the occurrence of severe karhutla since Sunday ( 23/03/2014 ) in the village of Ulu Island and Central Bantan Bantan districts . According to him , the land is burned forests and rubber plantations belonging to the local community and the fire still continues to grow until the second Monday at the fire location .

" The fire continued to spread in the forest in Ulu village and rubber plantation island belonging to residents in Central Bantan . Efforts blackout we still do to this day , but the water source at the site is not aa fire at all , so the fire trucks and personnel should Tackling back and forth looking for a source of water to another place that is quite far from the location karhutla , "said Jalal via mobile from the scene of the fire .

Asked whether karhutla is happening now is a new flashpoint , he mentions a very large possibility that direction , especially karhutla that occurred in the village of Ulu Island . The fire continued to spread everywhere the place because the wind was blowing pretty hard and burned dozens of acres of vacant land at that location .

Meanwhile plus Jalal , in the district Bukitbatu new hotspots found in the hamlet village of Tanjung Leban Nine Hill . The fire is thought to have a new fire point above which is a thick peat forest . It also has been sending officers to Nine Hills bordering the town of Dumai .


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Verb is a very important element in the sentence because in most ways a large influential verbs of other elements that should or shouldn't be there in the sentence. Types of verbs when viewed from its existing assortment. These types of verbs, i.e. verbs and verb forms of the basic material. One of the verbs is formed by the verb visit. Visit verbs is one type of verbs are formed through morphological process, one of them through the process of afiksasi.

Verbs that undergo the process of afiksasi is the verb affixes that gets or affix, which consists of the prefix (prefix), suffixes (endings), infix (inset) and a Confix. In addition, there is also a dilekati with a combined merge affixes between the prefix and the suffix. In this study the verb is also called a visit by the term berafiks the verb.

Klausa dalam Kalimat

Klausa dalam Kalimat

Dalam penggunaan  bahasa sebagai alat, klausa selalu berada dalam kalimat, baik dalam kalimat sederhana maupun dalam kompleks.
1) Bandung merupakan kota wisata.
2) Udaranya sangat sejuk.
3) Karena udaranya sejuk, ruangan-ruangan kantor tingkat ber-AC.
4) Ketika kami berekreasi ke kota ini, kami berkunjung ke petokoaan di cihampelas.
5) Kami selalu asyik berbelanja sehingga kami dicari pembimbing.
Klausa-klausa kalimat diatas adalah sebagai berikut:

(1a) # bandung merupakan kota wisata #
(2a) # udaranya sangat sejuk #
(3a) # karena udaranya sejuk #
(3b) # ruangan-ruangan kantor  tidak ber-AC #
(4a) # ketika kami berekreasi ke kota ini #
(4b) # kami berkunjung ke pertokoan di cihampelas #
(5a) # kami terlalu asyik berbelanja #
(5b) # sehingga kami dicari pembimbing #
Ada kalimat terdiri atas satu klausa, dua klausa, dan ada yang  lebih dari itu.