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When The Foxconn In Indonesia ?

When The Foxconn In Indonesia ?
Cell phone manufacturers components (phone) from Taiwan, Foxconn has yet to realize their investment in Indonesia. Even Industry Minister MS Hidayat  do not know the latest developments of the investment plan reportedly will generate BlackBerry (BB) in Jakarta.

Hidayat said that the second condition of Scotch plans to build factories, Foxconn in Indonesia about a free land demand in China since the Communist country as they get. The news that talks with prospective local partners for Foxconn in Indonesia reportedly is not clear.

If we are not possible (provided free). Therefore, to encourage cooperation or buying land that had already been completed. Already, some investors were found. But always he is not allowed to finance the land.

The former Chairman of Kadin say Foxconn has agreed with BlackBerry manufacturer in Indonesia. In addition, there has been an effort to make the Agency Bonded  PT (KBN) attended the location both to the people of the land, dikoversi land system divides factory Foxconn.

I thought it was an old old Foxconn would often throw this question on purpose so that the stock price climbed steadily, if he is willing to invest in it.

Earlier, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, February 7, 2014, Jokowi and Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou signed a letter of intent (LoI) at City Hall, Jakarta. At the time, Foxconn committed to give investing US $ 1 billion, 5-year berkililing Indonesia in search of a suitable place.

When the Government of DKI Jakarta say Jokowi to facilitate investment in preparation for the Foxconn in Jakarta. Always authorized to give ground to Foxconn.

We want to help in infrastructure, industry-license agreement to prepare country dibutuhkn need 200 hectares. Over 20 hectares. KBN (area Bonded Islands), is a province of the STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Private and commercial.

But the developments, the availability of as many as 20 acres of land in Jakarta, it is very difficult to realize.

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