Friday, May 9, 2014

Dow Jones Print Record Thanks To IBM

Dow Jones Print Record Thanks To IBM
New York City - Wall Street stock market closed positive at the weekend. The Dow Jones index print record highs thanks to IBM's stock gain.

Consumer stocks also enliven the market, as shares of Gap Inc. rose 3.3% to as low as United States $ 40,52 on the sheet after reporting April sales that surpassed the expectations of the market.

Even technology stocks so burden for Uncle Sam's campaign. Shares of Apple Inc. after the acquisition plan report beats electronics valued at United States $ 3.2 billion (32 billion dollars). The value of this acquisition to mind too expensive to market participants.

Some analysts estimate the valuation of companies Beat only amounted to 1 billion dollars in the United States, according to calculations by September last year. Shares of Apple fell to United States $ 585,54 on the worksheet.

Trading is very quiet with only 5.7 billion traded on the trading floor, is still below average for daily operations such as 6.2 billion.

Close trade Friday local time strengthened 32.37 points (0.2 percent) for as low as 16.583, 34, S P 500 index & was increased 2.85 points (0.15 percent) to a level, 1,878, 48, and the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 20,374 points (0.5%) to 4.071, 869 level.

This week, Dow Jones index 0.4%, while the S P 500 index & thinner 0.1% and Nasdaq Composite Index fell 1.3%. NASDAQ correction – the deepest last month.

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