Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Verb is a very important element in the sentence because in most ways a large influential verbs of other elements that should or shouldn't be there in the sentence. Types of verbs when viewed from its existing assortment. These types of verbs, i.e. verbs and verb forms of the basic material. One of the verbs is formed by the verb visit. Visit verbs is one type of verbs are formed through morphological process, one of them through the process of afiksasi.

Verbs that undergo the process of afiksasi is the verb affixes that gets or affix, which consists of the prefix (prefix), suffixes (endings), infix (inset) and a Confix. In addition, there is also a dilekati with a combined merge affixes between the prefix and the suffix. In this study the verb is also called a visit by the term berafiks the verb.

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