Monday, March 24, 2014

New Hotspot occurring in Bengkalis

New Hotspot occurring in Bengkalis
Bantan - long dry season punctuated behavior of unscrupulous people who like to burn the land , making a number of new hotspots continue to emerge in the last two days in the district and Bukitbatu Bantan Bengkalis . Fire suppression in both locations are still handled karhutla Disaster Management Agency and Fire ( BPBDs - Tackling ) Bengkalis .

Tackling head - Bengkalis BPBDs Mohammed Jalal confirmed Monday ( 03/24/2014 ) confirmed the occurrence of severe karhutla since Sunday ( 23/03/2014 ) in the village of Ulu Island and Central Bantan Bantan districts . According to him , the land is burned forests and rubber plantations belonging to the local community and the fire still continues to grow until the second Monday at the fire location .

" The fire continued to spread in the forest in Ulu village and rubber plantation island belonging to residents in Central Bantan . Efforts blackout we still do to this day , but the water source at the site is not aa fire at all , so the fire trucks and personnel should Tackling back and forth looking for a source of water to another place that is quite far from the location karhutla , "said Jalal via mobile from the scene of the fire .

Asked whether karhutla is happening now is a new flashpoint , he mentions a very large possibility that direction , especially karhutla that occurred in the village of Ulu Island . The fire continued to spread everywhere the place because the wind was blowing pretty hard and burned dozens of acres of vacant land at that location .

Meanwhile plus Jalal , in the district Bukitbatu new hotspots found in the hamlet village of Tanjung Leban Nine Hill . The fire is thought to have a new fire point above which is a thick peat forest . It also has been sending officers to Nine Hills bordering the town of Dumai .


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