Friday, November 8, 2013

Installation Network Service of IP VPN MPLS

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Telecommunications and information at this time has been growing rapidly. One of them is the internet. The Internet has become a major necessity in the life process. One of the companies that provide these services are PT. ICON+. PT. Indonesia Comnets + are provide the installation services  IP VPN MPLS network. In MPLS-based network system, the channel will be route to other cable in the event of a cable broken off. Therefore, the network becomes high reliability due to the network still provide services even though there is a broken line. In general, IP VPN MPLS network installation at PT. ICON + is divided into two parts. First, the installation of the network in the first mile (from PT.ICON +), which is preceded by installing telways converter, patch cord (connecting the converter to ODF), and checking the cable, then continue by installing the UTP cable from the converter connected to the router. Second, install the standalone converter; plug a patch cord from the converter standalone to ODF, then connecting converter to PC or router by UTP cable and RJ 45. The advantage of using MPLS-based networks is the cable will be automatically route to the closest network in the cases of the broken off cable. Bandwidths which are provided by PT ICON+ are from 64 Kbps to 2048 Kbps.

Keywords: PT. ICON +, converter, IP MPLS VPN, routing, internet.

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